At SOUL, we combine Project-Based Learning, Experienced-Based Learning, and Holistic Learning, to create a Universal Learning program unlike any other.


A combination of RAREE explorations, integra and developing the entrepreneur.


Is Latin for Entire, Complete, Whole. Teaching 

to the mental, social, emotional physical and personal aspects of the student.


Giving students and tools and skills they'll need to create the life of their dreams


Some might call it lunch time , but at SOUL its an opportunity to connect as a group over a meal


Living a conscious and intentional life is a foundational element of SOUL Charter School


Connection and connectivity with family begins with communication

RAREE (Acronym)

RAREE is Relatable, Applicable, Relevant, Experiential, and Engaging

We are all connected and that conscious bond is a key part of SOUL's presence.



A combination of RAREE explorations, integra and developing the entrepreneur.

In Universal Learning, real life explorations provide an overarching umbrella for learning, that allow experiences to be applied, which solidify the learnings that have occurred.


In Universal Learning, our teachers introduce projects and explorations that engage students in activities and experiences that allow students to apply their skills and intelligence. Students are encouraged to think, try, examine, debate, contemplate, explore and do. Our Universal Learning classrooms, experience constant exploration and growth. This helps students develop mental mastery, while transforming everyday learning, into wisdom.

In creating this environment, teachers ensure that all learning experiences are Relatable, Applicable, Relevant, Engaging and Experiential (RAREE) © 2014



All A-G requirements and Common Core state standards are taught throughout academic program that combines project-based and experiential learning.

We have developed an educational program and curriculum that is innovative, project based, and experiential. It’s a curriculum that provides real world experience and exploration. We call this program RAREE Explorations.


Each of the English, Math, Science, and History, A-G required classes, and all elective classes, have been broken out into Explorations that allow the students to master standards through Explorations that are RAREE: Relatable, Applicable, Relevant, Experiential, and Engaging.


Each Exploration will be based on an essential question that will drive the learning, experiences, and assignments. The Explorations will combine Project Based and Experiential Learning to answer the essential question, and master the Common Core State Standards.


At the end of each quarter we will hold an Exhibition Night where all Explorations will showcase their work to an authentic audience of peers, parents, and community members.



Teaching to the mental, social, emotional physical and personal aspects of the student.

Integra serves as the foundation of our school. Integra is Latin for, entire, complete, whole. In Integra we address the whole being: mentally, emotionally, socially, personally, and physically, extending learning far beyond acquisition of knowledge. These are the five building blocks for which we stand and operate:


Mental Power: 

We develop students mentally by teaching them how to think, not what to think. As students begin to recognize how powerful their thoughts are, they gain freedom over their conscious mind, insight to their subconscious mind, and the ability to alter how they perceive and experience their world.


Emotional Intelligence:

We develop students emotionally by inviting them to get in touch with their emotions. We then give them the tools needed to understand and regulate their emotions, confidently express themselves, and empathize with others.


Social Skills:

We develop students socially by teaching and modeling authentic relationships and healthy communication as well as celebrating individual uniqueness. Students then understand how these skillsets enhance their lives and the lives of others.


Personal Development:

We develop students personally by creating the space for them to connect with their core being. By introducing them to personal development, students gain clarity on the questions, Who am I? What is my life’s purpose? and, How do I create it?


Physical Well-being:

We develop students physically by integrating exercise and nutrition while encouraging them to understand the holistic side of personal health. By teaching them how mental, emotional and spiritual health are linked to physical health, students have a vested interest in taking care of their bodies from the inside, out.



Giving students and tools and skills they'll need to create the life of their dreams

We will give students the skills and mentorship needed to design and create the career of their dreams. We believe in the saying, “If you don’t build your dream someone else will hire you to build theirs.”


All SOUL graduates are required to complete at least 2 entrepreneurial classes (although we offer 4) demonstrating commitment to developing the mindset and skillsets necessary for students to operate and think as entrepreneurs.


Whether or not they ultimately decide to run their own businesses, we give students the opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mindset which allows them to pursue the life of their passion.



The foundation of SOUL Charter School

We recognize the significance that culture plays in creating this vision and therefore, our foundation is based in creating a conscious and intentional culture.


SOUL provides a positive environment where students, teachers, and school staff honor the guiding values of mindfulness, freedom, authenticity, and safety. We believe that by rooting these values throughout the entire foundation, we establish a purposeful culture that permeates beyond the school.


In doing so, SOUL creates a united culture, connecting the lives of our students with their families, community and school in a way that allows us to work harmoniously to make our mission a reality.


At SOUL Charter School, Its more then just eating lunch.

Lunch at SOUL is a conscious and intentional time where students practice mindfulness, socialize meaningfully, process openly, take personal and collective responsibility, honor themselves nutritionally, and express gratitude all centered around an enjoyable and healthy meal.



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We are committed to growing the FAMILY, not just the child. We seek to create a united front in which the school and the home support the needs of the child and both entities work together to achieve this.


We recognize that inviting the connected family into the conversation is crucial to a student’s success and overall well-being. In addition, free workshops, focused on principles for living, are frequently available and offered to family members.


Weaving the threads of SOUL into the fabric of the community

SOUL will serve as a community center after school and on the weekends. We will utilize our building to offer weekend workshops, yoga and other exercise classes, art classes, cooking classes, etc.


These services will be free of charge to students and parents and will also be open to community members on a donation basis, allowing us to build the necessary bridges to unite the school with the home and community.


The Community Center will also be a safe, positive place for students to hang outside of school, providing an alternative to unsupervised parks and houses.


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