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We're doing things different by creating a new school learning experience.  Learn more about the various ongoing events and activities our students and 

guides are involved in.


If you have questions, we have answers.  Our team of SOULful guides will help you through your decision process.  We're here to assist you - reach out to us and let's talk today.


The secret is out!  SOUL Charter School offers the most innovative and rigorous curriculum out there.  Our project-based experiential learning model is fully accredited.


  • Education is the greatest vehicle for social change.

  • One’s true intelligence is best demonstrated and assessed by projects, presentations,and personal experiences.

  • A new paradigm of education can help progress humanity.

  • Understanding and accepting shortcomings develops grit and resilience.

  • Schools should guide students to recognize and awaken their true genius.

  • Loving ourselves and each other is paramount to living our best life.

  • Effective communication is crucial for developing and maintaining positive relationships.

  • State of the art technology must support, not take the place of instruction.

  • Students should be grouped by interest and need rather than age or grade.

  • Emotional intelligence (E.Q.) is equally as important as mental intelligence (I.Q.).

  • Schools must not only be college preparatory but career and life preparatory.

  • Collaboration leads to innovation, unhealthy competition leads to isolation.

  • Schools must be empowering places, not punitive spaces.

  • Teens/Young adults have the ability to make valuable, purposeful contributions to society and the world NOW.

SOUL Charter School combines project-based learning, experience-based learning and holistic learning to create a universal learning program unlike any other.


We provide exceptional education that awakens individuals to know who they are, discover their passions and purpose, and thrive holistically, to achieve both mental and life mastery.



We welcome your comments and questions.  Please submit your inquiries below and a member of our SOUL team will be in contact with you in a timely manner.  Thank you for considering SOUL Charter School.

We are currently accepting new students for the coming school year.  Space for certain grade levels is limited and we encourage parents to contact us with questions regarding enrollment.

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